The MDM Group is the only group in Italy that covers the entire supply chain of value added services for cosmetic and cosmetic medicine treatments, not merely using electromedical devices and providing its partners with direct consultancies, but also, and above all, through continuous training.
Added value, discipline, professional skill and all-Italian know-how that, combined with certification and acknowledgement by accredited organisations, make the MDM Group the only sector player able to provide a complete service, due in part to its scientific committee (doctors and biologists) and engineering committee (engineers) that research and develop the Group’s brand products.

True to its long-standing commitment to ethics, the MDM Group has a stringent policy concerning its equipment and treatments. This is why, in addition to international certifications (UNI EN ISO 9001, TUV) an important scientific committee of engineers and doctors only certifies the various brands’ products and equipment after a lengthy testing phase.
Our treatment clients are of the utmost importance both in terms of satisfaction and, above all, results. Doctors, engineers, biologists and technicians are at the Group’s constant service to develop and test solutions and technologies at the cutting edge as regards both their components and safety.  With the rigour of an ethical approach that distinguishes each product.

To satisfy and complete the cosmetic and medical sector in Italy and the rest of Europe, by offering professional expertise and skills that are always on the cutting edge, through innovative solutions and technologies.


With its certifications, the MDM Group is now able to satisfy the most complex demands of the cosmetic medicine sector, by acting as an original design manufacturer (ODM).

The MDM Group distributes its technologies around the world, guaranteeing appropriate customisation and consolidating its position as a market leader in Italy.
The technical support and training courses dedicated to technical assistance represent a complement to the Group’s ODM activities, combined with a full range of after-sales services.

 In its Castello D’Argile premises just outside Bologna, the MDM Group produces technologies for: Dermal Institute, Trico|Logica and EXEA.


Excellence is a plus in a highly competitive market such as that of cosmetics and cosmetic medicine. It is for precisely this reason that MDM Group combines its latest generation products and technologies with a technical and sales training programme that allows professionals to approach their end clients with a truly competitive and high quality global range that has been studied by a team of sales experts and a scientific committee composed of doctors, biologists and dermatologists.

MDM Financial is another plus that the group offers to allow Clients/ Centres to seek the advice of sales professionals who dedicate all their efforts to promoting their business, acquiring new clients and providing sales support and, at the same time, customised investment and finance solutions.

To always offer the utmost clarity when informing its clients in the field, the MDM Group draws on the ability of qualified, specially trained professionals able to promote all the cosmetic solutions directly on the client’s premises. This added value provided by the MDM Group has allowed its clients to significantly increase their business volumes and attract new customers directly to the areas of interest.

The innovative new customer research service that, thanks to the Group’s tried-and-tested sales strategies, also operates through the media to achieve the best possible results. MDM direct line serves companies with qualified staff and a highly-evolved technological infrastructure by providing Call and Contact Centre services and full-outsourcing management of certain corporate functions.

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